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Thursday, July 20, 2023

Supercapacitor Research


                                                         6 Ton Press ( for electrodes preparation for bench-scale prototype testing.

                                                      Fine metal screen for curretn collection.  Activated carbon/ graphite mixture bound with polyurethane then pressed- after drying.

                                           Various electrode preps.  Midle one has coated cellulose acetate thin film brushed on the activated carbon/ graphite surface with very thin paper added.

Right: same type of electrode composition with a mesh polyurethane coated with thin film of cellulose acetate while some acetone solvent still not evaporated. 

                                     Unit for bench-scale testing. One electrode placed in dialysis membrane separator  and unit in small polyethylene bag. Opne system with non-volatile DES/ ion liquids to be tested for 50 cycles . Non-volatile liquids. Studying farad values, power density and energy density.


Promising systems will be closed systems.

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