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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Novel Paint Formulation Research Jojoba Oil Hydrolysis

Previously, I have uploaded posts on my research with lanolin saponification followed by acidification. The saponification was conducted in glycerol ( vs. water or ethanol) to shorten the reaction time.

In addition, the presence of glycerol in. the fatty acid/ fatty alcohols is desirable since an emulsion results- great for blending with synthetic petrolatum.



The next reaction we conduct will be the similar hydrolysis of jojoba oil- which contains mostly mono esters of fatty alcohols, this jojoba oil is a wax. 

Hydrolyzed jojoba oil ( acidic conditions) yields a tacky gel soluble in alcohols, for example.

The substance has use in cosmetic applications.

I will use a molecular mass of 606 g/mole based on a technical paper published by a government lab in IL, USA.

The material may form an emulsion in glycerol for use in paint formulations- we will see.

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