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Saturday, August 12, 2023

Controlled Plasmoid. AI Collaboration David S.Soriano


"Controlled Plasmoid"- Bard ( AI/Google)
Here in my lab, I learned to tame the wild
With spark-discharge, I make it meek and mild.
My plasmoid, once a thing of fear
Is now a tool I hold close, so dear.
No longer will it wreak its havoc
On unsuspecting humans, no!
Now it is mine to command
And do my bidding, grand!
The tables have turned, my friend
The Neanderthal hid in fear
Now I am master of the flame
And he is but a helpless memory.
                                            "Controlled Plasmoid".  (2023).  David S. Soriano
                                              Creative Commons.   Use but credit artist.

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