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Saturday, August 12, 2023

Time, Space & Memory AI Collaboration. David S. Soriano



"Time, Space & Memory"-  Bard ( AI/Google)

Time distortion, a strange and wondrous thing, A warp in the fabric of reality, Where past and present and future can cling In a single moment of consciousness.

The cross-currents of the chronosphere Can sweep us away to a distant shore, Where the sands of time are a golden mere And the sun never sets on the hour.

But beware, traveller, for this is a place Where the laws of physics are bent and broken, And the mind can be lost in a maze Of time and space and memory.

So tread carefully through this strange land, And be mindful of the dangers that lurk, For if you lose your way, you may never find Your way back to the world you left behind.


                                          "Time, Space & Memory" (2023). David S. Soriano

                                            Creative Commons.    Use but credit artist.

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