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Sunday, August 6, 2023

Copper/Zinc Secondary Cell 1.16V/ 2M NaOH

 Copper/Zinc Secondary Cell 1.16V/ 2M NaOH 

I have many spent zinc/ MnO2. 1.5V. lantern battery cells. Usually, the inner surface of the zinc oxidizes before the outer area shows corrosion.

I took one of this cells to use the zinc casing as an anode for copper as the cathode in 2M aq. NaOH.

I wrapped the copper ( not cleaned) around the zinc cyclinder with paper as separator and polyurethane as additional separator to avoid short circuit.

The cell has an open voltage of 1.16V and can run a small DC motor for at least 30 minutes ( I did not time).  The cell can be recharged.

I am modifiying this prototype to make cyclindrical forms and twoD "sandwich" styles for testing/ observation over cycles of charge-discharge.



                                                    I am developing modified copper electrodes for this cell and developiung alkaline gel electrolytes.  I will upload data as I proceed.

This may be the first timne a "dead" cell is being used ( part of it) to run an active cell.

At 0.3V, the discharge pattern is very unusual. I will determine a safe "cutoff" voltage for the cell.

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