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Friday, August 11, 2023

Nickel Oxy Hydroxide Electrode Preparation. Ni Zi Cell Research


            I work with "nickel zinc secondary cell prearation/ modification/ evaluation.

Nickel (II) hydroxide is a mild conducting substance. Conversion of nickel chloride/ aq, hydroxide and bleach produces the conduction nickel III) oxy hydroxide. The process generates waste and the black Ni (III) black salt is not easy to filter.

Here, as an example, I placed the green Ni (II) hydroxide as a paste on a nickel surface.  Dip in bleach ( when dry!) and leace 30 minutes at 20 deg C or so.  The electrode is ready for pairing with zinc!

I obtain 1.73 V (open).  Expect 1.66V with aq. alkaline electrolyte.

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